Our Services

GeoCommodities aims to ensure that decisions, transactions and administration occur as smoothly as possibly for all involved, through the provision of the following services:

  • Customised market intelligence and price discovery for each client.

  • Commodity brokerage - mediating between growers and buyers.

  • Contract execution - providing client support during the delivery process for ex- farm and system contracts.

  • Grain administration

  • Freight management and brokerage.

    • Provide carriers for ex- farm and delivered buyer contracts when requested

    • Manage time-slotting/vendor declarations/administrative duties for primary producer trucks and commercial carriers

    • Provide after- sale logistical support in the event of unexpected delays and following up delivery information

Over time we aim to improve the long-run marketing outcomes for clients through delivering relevant information and strategy when clients want it, specific to the client's needs. It is important that we can assist across all aspects of the grain marketing process, but clients decide which services they require enabling them to match their needs and budget. The one- size - fits - all approach is not acceptable in a complex marketplace, and we understand this in our approach.

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