Fodder & Hay

Hay and fodder has become an increasingly important part of many clients farming operations for their rotations, weed management and/or diversification in commodities. This can be dedicated legume or cereal hay crops or dual purpose for grain or hay depending on weed pressure and seasonal development. A season like we are experiencing now is one reason for the increased capacity to grow, cut & bale and handle fodder .

Clients continue to report challenges in coordinating and executing hay marketing due to uncertainty around price discovery, product quality and contract/payment management. The last 3 seasons have demonstrated this perfectly with both types of supply and demand extremes occurring but the same challenges having persisted.

We know our clients create quality, marketable products and we are positioned to assist in finding the right market that also satisfies the customer.


Links for information

GRDC Fact Sheet - Canola Hay and Silage

Sheep Connect - Making Canola Hay

AFIA - FodderCare

AFIA - Making Quality Fodder

Expressions of interest - On farm feed testing

Quality Testing (Vic) Pty Ltd runs a lab out of the Wimmera as an agent for Feed Test. Please follow the link attached to submit an expression of interest to have core samples taken on farm


Hay Listings

See an outline of lots available for sale through GeoCommodities, for further information please contact us directly