Chain of Responsibility

Obligations for Growers

As of October 1st 2018, the Heavy Vehicle National Law will be amended to state that all parties involved in the heavy vehicle transport supply chain have an obligation to ensure the safety of their transport activities. We have gathered the following resources for use by our clients in information gathering when updating their processes on farm.


GeoCommodities has developed an introductory guideline pack which will give you a concise introduction to the changes to NHVR, and some processes you can implement on farm to remain compliant with CoR guidelines.


The National Heavy Vehicle Regulator is an excellent resource for further information in regards to changes to the Heavy Vehicle National Law. On their website, there are simple to follow videos and assessment tools that you can input your current processes, and they will directly measure your processes effectiveness at mitigating risk.

National Heavy Vehicle Regulator - Chain of Responsibility

Of particular interest is the PDF below which focuses directly on common grower questions.

Primary Producers NHVR COR

Grain Trade Australia has distributed some helpful publications that directly explore the effect of HVNL to the Australian grain supply chain.

Management of Grain Within The Australian Supply Chain

Truck Washing Guidelines

Grain Industry Transport Code of Practice


For further information on Chain of Responsibility Requirements and the effect they could have on your business, we are happy to refer your enquiries to

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